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Podcasts & Interviews


Your Financial Pharmacist with Tim Ulbrich

During their discussion, listeners will learn about the motivation and inspiration behind the genesis of Mobile Health Consultants, the target audience and offerings, how they’ve evolved, and how Victoria conquered the initial hurdles of starting her business. Highlights from the episode include a discussion of Victoria’s start in pharmacy and how a standout moment in her career highlighted the teaching abilities that she thought she might never use as a pharmacist, how Victoria discovered her passion for community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare, and how she moved her idea for Mobile Health Consultants from an idea to a business. 


Health Care Now Radio with Dr. Nick

During the pandemic there were some significant shortage problems with access to ventilators and oxygen supplies which extended into the community as we learned more about the disease, its biomarkers, and signals, in particular your blood oxygenation. The pulse oximeter was another item that disappeared off the shelves with panic buying. Unfortunately, like many other discoveries during the pandemic, this one exposed another gaping hole inequitable access to healthcare. In development and testing they failed to include a balance presentation of our population to include the wide range of skin colors and ethnic groups. So while we await progress in the development of new devices and approaches to non-invasive monitoring of blood oxygenation it is essential to raise awareness of the challenges and discrepancies in the accuracy of the current devices.


Pill Talk Podcast with Dr Bartou

Our guest today is Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, she is an industry leader within Emergency Medical Services, where she established the first-ever paramedic-pharmacist partnership to address chronic disease and medication challenges for underserved populations. Dr. Reinhartz is the Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Health Consultants, a business founded to solve the access to care issue by empowering Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine teams. She is a strong advocate for healthcare transformation and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) as the Mobile Integrated Health subject matter expert.


Real Hustle Podcast with Host: Chris Kiblin

Dr. Reinhartz is the Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Health Consultants, Inc., a woman-owned small business solving the access to care issue by empowering Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine teams.

Dr. Reinhartz has been named a Top 50 Most Influential Leader in Pharmacy, and was also selected as the 2020 Next Generation Pharmacist Civic Leader, an honor awarded to one pharmacist nationwide whose vision for interprofessional care best spotlights the needs of underserved communities.  

Pharm So Hard Podcast with Jimmy L. Pruitt III, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP

The Pharm So Hard Podcast is a show focused primarily on emergency medicine and hospital pharmacy related topics. To empower healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide evidence-based, safe care for critically ill patients.  

Check out our latest episode 66 featuring Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh as she discuss the journey from CVS to paramedicine and intergrated medicine.


The Political Pharmacist Podcast with Host: Dr. Eric Geyer

Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, CEO of Mobile Health Consultants, Inc, joins me to discuss what she has done to help change pharmacy and how healthcare is delivered to patients.  Dr. Reinhartz has truly pioneered a new way for pharmacists to deliver healthcare to people in a way that saves state and federal programs millions of dollars in an easy-to-implement fashion.

EMS Improv Podcast with Eric Chase

Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh, joins the conversation on improving patient care while expanding the role pharmacists play in mobile integrated health and EMS. She provides actionable insight for EMS systems and educators.

Reinhartz is the CEO of Mobile Health Consultants, Inc.


Integrated: The Community Paramedicine Podcast with Host: Jonah Thompson

“Possibly THE most important addition to the MIH team has been the pharmacist. Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh has been involved with a very progressive program since 2015 and the impact has been huge.”

podcast 2.jpg

Quality Corner Show with Host: Nick Dorich, PharmD

The PQS Quality Corner Show welcomes Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh, Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Health Consultants, Inc., to talk about mobile integrated health. PQS Senior Manager of Pharmacy Accounts, Nick Dorich, PharmD asks Reinhartz to explain mobile integrated health and how it works in a community setting.

Reinhartz also mentions how pharmacists can participate in these programs and serve a role on a mobile health team.


A Conversation on ET3 and MIH Models with Adam Patterson, CAD

“Evaluating effectiveness of and team adherence to triage protocols, as well as disease outcomes with chronic disease management can be excellent metrics for success. It would also be highly beneficial to provide data on enhanced medication adherence, which alone could significantly impact hospital re-admittance and healthcare expenses. —Reinhartz”


The MedTech Gurus Podcast with Host: Thomas Hickey

“By focusing on improving the lives of a patient population, best practices are born!  Dr. Reinhartz explains how her focus on this and looking for better outcomes lead to her launching her business Mobile Health Consultants.”


​The Public Health Pharmacist Podcast with Host: Dr. Christina Madison

Unique partnerships with pharmacists - Paramedicine, Access to Care for the underserved, and how collaboration can advance public health initiatives. 


The Business of Pharmacy Podcast with Host: Mike Koelzer

Why mobile integrated health and community paramedicine are the solution to the Access to Care problem, and why our founder may never give up teaching or patient care.

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