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The CP-C Certification Kick-Start is a jam-packed starter resource if you're thinking about getting board certified as a community paramedic (CP-C) through the International Board of Specialty Certifications.

Kick Start Overview

This resource provides an overview of the certification process for becoming a certified community paramedic (CP-C).
It explains the benefits of getting certified, such as career advancement, proof of competency in the subject matter, demonstration of professionalism, lobbying for reimbursements, and improved delivery of evidence-based care.


Best for those who are thinking about testing for CP-C and want to get an idea of the intensity or type of content covered.


This resource includes:

  • Introduction to your Authors
  • Orientation to IBSC Handbook
  • Textbook Review Video
  • Printed KickStart Resource Guide
  • Get Started with Patient Cases
  • 60 practice questions focused on Need-To-Know IBSC Domains

Complete the Order form and we will mail you a copy of the CP-C Kick Start Resource.

If you have any questions about the MIH Academy or this guide, email

CP-C Kick Start Resource

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