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The Ultimate Guide offers a self-study option if you're serious about getting board certified as a community paramedic (CP-C) through the International Board of Specialty Certifications.

Ultimate Guide Overview

This resource offers a comprehensive introduction to what to expect when pursuing Board Certification as a Community Paramedic (CP-C).  The Ultimate Guide is the rocket fuel you need to evaluate your strong and weak areas and ensure you can tackle patient cases with the CP-C approach needed for standardized test success.  Recommended with the MIH Academy CP-C Bootcamp for higher pass rates.


Best for those who have already taken a basic CP course and want extra materials to study on their own for the exam or need extra practice questions.


This resource includes:

  • Introduction to your Authors
  • Orientation to IBSC Handbook
  • Orientation to the Test
  • Kick Start Content
  • Mindset Exercises
  • Written Study Plan
  • 15 Case Studies
  • 1 Practice Exam
  • Bonus Content (practice questions!)

Complete the Order form and we will mail you a copy of the Ultimate Guide to CP-C Test Prep.

If you have any questions about the MIH Academy or this guide, email

The Ultimate Guide to CP-C Test Prep

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