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First Responders in the MIH Academy by Mobile Health Consultants will now have access to mental health training through BOS.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, March 14 – Today, we are pleased to announce our partnership between the BOS mental health training program and the MIH Academy by Mobile Health Consultants to provide the option for paramedicine trainees in the Academy to take part in mental health training. The BOS program will now be available as an add-on course in the Mobile Health clinical education package.

“We firmly believe that all paramedicine trainees should have mental health training to support them through their careers. We focus on teaching first responders how to help others in crisis, while they're often struggling themselves. After seeing the impact of BOS, I knew it was a program I wanted to offer to the Academy trainees.” – Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Health Consultants

BOS was developed by leading mental health experts and psychologists to provide practical tools for frontline workers to manage workplace stress. Studies show that the BOS program may help mitigate more severe outcomes of operational stress, such as Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). The BOS program is offered through an online course that can be completed anywhere at any pace.

“BOS believes strong minds train first and we are pleased to partner with the Mobile Health Consultants to offer this program to first responders. Paramedicine is a difficult practice and it is important that those working in the field have the tools they need to support their own mental health. We are exciting as this partnership expands the BOS program to a new group of professionals in the U.S.” – Dr. Megan McElheran, Founder of BOS

Tens of thousands of public safety personnel have taken the BOS program across North America and this partnership will encourage more paramedicine trainees to take control of their mental health. This is a unique partnership between two women founded and owned businesses from Canada and the U.S. working together to combat front line worker mental health.



About Mobile Health Consultants


Mobile Health Consultants, Inc. (MHC) is a consulting and education company supporting Fire Rescue and EMS Agencies. MHC guides first responder teams as they develop Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) and Community Paramedicine (CP) models of care, work to get their teams Board Certified, and navigate the path to revenue.

Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, a nationally recognized innovator in EMS and MIH, founded the MIH Academy to support the training needs of expanding paramedic roles. As the United States faces healthcare provider shortages, paramedics are often the ones filling the gaps. Paramedicine teams are now key for communities battling addiction, mental health, and the complex health needs of an aging population. 

Through the MIH Academy, MHC offers training and education in Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Motivational Interviewing, Geriatric Care, Mental Health, Addiction, Laboratory Testing, and chronic disease management of Heart Failure, Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and more. MIH Academy faculty are the national leaders in helping paramedics earn Community Paramedicine Board Certification.

Mobile Health Consultants and the MIH Academy were established to support first responders as they adapt to a changing healthcare landscape. The addition of the BOS program to the Academy is one more way MHC is supporting first responders with the tools needed for personal and professional success. For consulting or education for your team, please visit here.


About BOS

Before Operational Stress (BOS) is a resiliency-based program specifically designed for public safety personnel and first responders. The program was developed by leading mental health experts and psychologists to provide practical tools for frontline workers to manage operational stress.

For first responders, the battle does not stop when the workday ends and some of the toughest battles are often the invisible ones. This is why psychologist, Dr. Megan McElheran, Founder of BOS and Chief Clinician and CEO of Wayfound Mental Health Group, designed BOS with a team of experts to help address frontline workers' specific mental health needs.

The BOS program not only equips participants with resources and skills to help people learn different ways to understand and react to stress but there has also been emerging evidence to demonstrate the program's effectiveness in improving mental health outcomes.

The BOS program is offered online through a self-paced course. If you are interested in the BOS program for yourself or your organization, please visit here.   


For further information or media inquiries please contact:   

MHC Media Contact

Dr. Victoria Reinhartz

Founder & CEO, Mobile Health Consultants, Inc.


BOS Media Contact

Shonda Feddema

BOS Program Director,


Medication Facts. Disease Education. Patient Counseling. Insight for Healthcare Professionals, Mobile Integrated Health, and Community Paramedicine teams. 

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Hiller, PA, November 16, 2021 | As one of the most influential publications in pharmacy, the Pharmacy Podcast Network is launching the 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy Awards and Recognition Program.

The first podcast about the profession and business of pharmacy has launched an awards program to recognize people who’ve made their mark through innovation, momentum, and distinction. This list of Rising Stars, Innovators, Trailblazers, Visionaries, and Leaders will be recognized with various awards from the organization.

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Dr. Victoria Reinhartz is elected to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers!


Martha Peribonio, NAMIHP Executive Director states, “We are so excited about this inaugural board and about all the members who are joining the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers and what is next for the MIH industry.  As an association, we will seek to promote nationwide partnership within the industry of mobile integrated healthcare, help to establish open dialogue with industry pioneers, and advance education, business development, and community awareness of the mobile integrated health industry….” 

For more information on NAMIHP, visit their website here.


This study evaluates the economic impact of a mobile integrated health community paramedicine (MIH-CP) program with a consultant pharmacist.

The strategy of including a pharmacist on the MIH team resulted in $4.02 saved for every $1 spent on program implementation.

Pictured: Community Paramedicine Program, Manatee County Florida


Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning


2021 June; 13(6):729-735.

“The CP-pharmacist partnership optimized medication therapy, chronic disease management, and access to care through scheduled in-home visits.”

Integration and MIH Pharmacist oversight of students in an MIH-CP Program resulted in “improvement in student clinical skills, communication strategies, and successful medication intervention outcomes.”


Pharmacy Today

“As a member of the community paramedicine team, Reinhartz accompanies paramedics to house calls and identifies medication-related issues that can lead to overuse of services.”

Mobile Health Consultants partners with IA MED to launch the
Field Immunization Training Course

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Mobile Health Consultants Earns Woman Owned Small Business Certification

In 2020, Mobile Health Consultants, Inc. was evaluated by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) and was federally certified as a Woman Owned Small Business.

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